Gorgias Updates

Introducing chat offline! 💬✨

by Joris La Cancellera, Software Engineer
New feature
Does the support team have limited bandwidth for a couple of hours during your team’s lunch break or for a couple of days as you are all heading to a company retreat party? 🎉 We got you covered with the chat new offline mode feature!

🤖📪 New managed rule to send tracking information via email

by Mathias Ngo, Full Stack Engineer
Here comes a new managed rule! For those of you who missed it, managed rules are more accessible rules, tailored to address recurrent customer issues. These rules are managed (hence the name!) by Gorgias so you can install them with a
New feature

Introducing an offline capture of information for chat!

by Joris La Cancellera, Software Engineer
New feature
We are pleased to announce that we are putting a major new feature into our chat widget: The contact form 🎉.👉The contact form guides the customers to fill in their inquiries directly from the chat when the shop is outside of business

Auto-assignment limits

by Charles Jacquet
New feature
Auto-assignment limits are live! You can now select the maximum number of tickets an agent can be served by the auto-assignment for both “Chat & Messaging” tickets (chat, messenger, IG DMs, SMS,…) and “Other text” tickets (email,

Articles & categories search in help center settings

by Philippe Diep, Software Engineer
We’re excited to see that you are many to start leveraging our help center product! As your knowledge base is growing we know it can be tedious to navigate between articles & categories.🔎 That’s why we just released a new Search feature in
New feature

Unlisted help center articles and categories

by Irinel Neculita
👋 Hey everyone! You can now set the Help Center articles and categories visibility settings. At the moment, we offer 2 visibility options: Public or Unlisted. If an article or category is set to Public, it will be visible to everyone
New feature

Article recommendation in Chat

by Robert Pamfile
Your shopper will now get FAQ article recommendations directly from your chat window. Gorgias Chat now leverages your help center to automatically recommend FAQ articles to shoppers.🤖 If you have an active chat and help center in your
New feature

Auto-assign rule from team creation

by Clément Sirieix
New feature
🎉 You can now directly create a rule assigning tickets to the team you’ve just created Up until now, if you wanted to setup auto-assignment for your team you needed to access the rules settings, and manually build it. In order to make this

Enforce Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for all users (Admin only)

by Ionut Zamfir, Software Engineer
Recently we introduced an extra layer of security to your Gorgias account: Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) using an authenticator app. Now, as a helpdesk Admin, you can enforce it for all your users. You can do that by navigating to
New feature