Gorgias Updates

Quick response flows in the chat

by Roman Fayzullin
We are happy to announce new capabilities to further more customize your self-service portal in the Gorgias chat. ✨💬 Note that this feature is only available to Automation Add-on subscribers only. For more information about how you can use
New feature

Single Sign-On support

by Nicolas Faure
We are happy to announce you can now use Single Sign-On(SSO) if the option is enabled in your help desk. What does that mean? You can allow agents to access the help desk via Google or Microsoft 365 instead of always entering their email
New feature

Internal note macro action

by Victor Suo, Software Engineer
We are happy to announce that internal notes can now be directly added to tickets as macro actions! The internal note associated to the macro can be edited before the macro is sent in the collapsed area below the message:
New feature

Import/Export Macros

by Romain Charbit, Software Engineer
Managing your workflows with macros is now even easier! 🤖 You can now export your macros as a CSV file, enabling rapid visualisation of your macros content at a glance. You can also import macros from a CSV file, enabling you to import all
New feature

Gorgias Chat - Connecting to a different store

by Matthieu Bresson
We are glad to announce that, along with a redesign of our Gorgias chat settings, we have introduced the ability to change the Shopify store associated with a given chat. As a reminder, advanced features such as Self-service depend upon
New feature

Agents self sign-up support

by Nicolas Faure
We are happy to announce that agents can now sign-up by themselves, if the option is enabled in your help desk. What does that mean? You can authorize agents to join the help desk given that their email address come from specific domains so
New feature

Self Service in Help Center

by Robert Pamfile
We’ve just released an immensely helpful feature for the Gorgias Help Center! You can now deflect tickets with our Self-Service flows in both the Gorgias Chat and the Help Center! This feature is available for merchants that have Automation
New feature

Rule library

by Mathias Ngo
We are thrilled to announce a new feature for rules! The new Rule Library comes in to help you set up your automation process with pre-made rules that are just one click away! Available from the main Rule settings page, this library
New feature

Custom actions in every widget

by Manuel Colasante
New feature
Here at Gorgias, we intend on making sure every interaction with a customer can be resolved directly from a ticket. In order to do so, we offer many integrations but we realized that sometimes you have to interact with services in ways that