Gorgias Updates

⭐️ Tickets can now be excluded from CSAT

by Mateusz Misiak
New feature
We are happy to announce that you can now exclude certain tickets from receiving a satisfaction survey (CSAT) using our rules or macros! We have added the Exclude ticket from CSAT action, which, when triggered will prevent a CSAT survey

New Autoresponder - Automate return request emails ✨

by Ricardo de Arruda
With our new autoresponder feature, you can Automatically reply to common customer questions with relevant help center article suggestions. automate emails about a return request if you have an existing return portal provider (e.g. Loop,
New feature

Tone of voice for the chat 📣

by Angel Cereijo, Software Engineer
New feature
We are thrilled to announce that you can now customize most of the text values of the Gorgias Chat widget from the settings panel! This exciting new feature allows you to match your brand’s tone of voice in the chat widget, providing a

Chat Video sharing support 🎬

by Joris La Cancellera, Software Engineer
New feature
A picture is worth a thousand words. So what's a video worth?! 🎥 We are happy to announce the support of videos embedded in chat messages and campaigns. How does it work? You can find the share video button inside the video

In-ticket suggestions

by Romain Charbit
Our Gorgias automation features are getting smarter and are now coming to you when the context is right 🎉 Have you ever wondered “How this rule works?” or “What is this autoresponder doing?” For tickets where an autoresponder would’ve
New feature

Chat appearance enhancement for readability

by George Chetreanu, Engineering Manager
New feature
The chat will now automatically adjust the color of the text and icons to ensure proper contrast with the Main and Conversation colors specified in the appearance settings. This feature will help improve the readability and accessibility of

Loop Returns x Order management flows

by Jan Szybowski, Software Engineer
Hi 👋 we are excited to announce the integration between Loop Returns and Order Management flows. This integration allows for a seamless shopper return experiences, while also reducing the load on your agents. If you are an Automation
New feature

Automatic offline mode in the chat

by Roman Fayzullin
Hello 👋 Several months ago we introduced offline mode in the chat, which allowed you to disable live conversations manually via settings. You could use this feature temporarily or permanently to set the right expectations to shoppers when
New feature

Standalone widgets

by Manuel Colasante
New feature
Hey 👋 Remember custom actions in widgets? Our own support team at Gorgias finds this feature to be super helpful and uses it heavily. We hope you do too! 😉 But we noticed that sometimes, we want to add a custom action button or link