🎉 Introducing Order Selection step in Flows! 📦

In case you're not familiar, see our Flows announcement.

We're excited to unveil a powerful new feature that brings even more convenience and efficiency to your interactions with customers. Say hello to Order Selection step in Flows – a seamless way to streamline returns, report issues, and resolve inquiries with pinpoint accuracy.

Previously, if you wanted to know what order number your customer is referring to, you needed to ask them to type in the order number themselves. With the Order Selection step, they can now select the order themselves on the spot!

Elevate Customer Support We understand the importance of swift customer support. Now, with Order Selection step in Flows, you can effortlessly ask customers to select a specific order when they need assistance. Whether it's for requesting returns or reporting issues, create a warranty claim, you'll have the exact context you need to provide timely and precise solutions. No more back-and-forth guessing – just clear communication and effective support.

Swift and Informed Resolution When a ticket is generated from a Flow, you'll receive not only the customer's inquiry but also the associated email and relevant order details. This means you can jump right into action, armed with all the necessary information to provide efficient and effective solutions. Faster resolution means happier customers, and that's what we're all about.

How It Works?

  1. Create Flow: Create Flows that ask customers to select the specific order they need assistance with.

  2. Customer Interaction: Customers interact with the Flow and choose the order in question.

  3. Agent Insight: When a ticket is generated, agents receive the email and order details associated with the inquiry, ensuring an informed response.

Note: Order Selection is currently only available for chat. Coming to other channels in Q4.