Introducing Flows!

We’re thrilled to announce Flows, a new Automation Add-on feature that lets you personalize your automation support!

What are Flows?

Flows are automated conversations that assist shoppers with personalized guides, recommendations, and answers. Flows are included in the Automation Add-on.

Unlike most automation, Flows are interactive. Flows ask customers about their location, preferences, fit, and so on to give the most relevant and helpful answer for them.

Unlike chatbots, Flows are multichannel. Today, customers can access Flows on your chat widget, Help Center, and Contact Form. Below, you can see Flows in the Help Center:

Learn how to add Flows to the Help Center and Contact Form.

What can you use Flows for?

Flows are easy to build and completely customizable to fit your unique brand and customers. You can use Flows to automate:

  • Product recommendations: Point customers to the best product for their needs, likes, and dislikes.

  • Sizing guides: Suggest the correct size based on the customer’s measurements and fit preferences.

  • Shipping or returns policies: Give customers an accurate policy for their location.

  • Warranty claims: Walk customers through the warranty process, including collecting attachments.

  • How-to guides: Educate customers based on their specific product and troubleshooting issue.

  • Support triage: Collect basic information about an issue to give human agents a headstart (and cut out the manual back-and-forth).

  • Issue reporting: Identify the customer’s order and categorize the issue, all with a few clicks.

Why use Flows?

❤️ Personalize your customer experience: Get close to your customers, and offer them the most helpful information based on their location, preferences, language, sizes, and more.

😌 Reduce your team’s ticket volume: Flows automate common requests and relieve agents from repetitive, low-impact work. Once those basic questions are automated, your team can focus on high-value conversations that require empathy and a human touch.

⚡ Offer instant answers: Slow support is a deal-breaker. Give customers the information they need to make a confident purchase or resolve an issue with a 0-second response time.

🕐 Answer questions 24/7: Flows never take a break or clock out. Experience the benefits of Flows around the clock, and around the globe. You can even offer Flows while your live chat is offline!

💰 Generate sales: Flows are a great tool for pre-sales support. They can help customers find the right product or size, gain clarity around shipping and returns, and get whatever else they need to make a confident purchase.

How do you build Flows?

The Flow Builder is an easy-to-use visual interface for designing Flows. It has a tree-type layout that helps you design conversation paths for your customers.

Each branch represents a different conversation path, based on input from the customer.

  • For some Flows, you’ll only need one interaction. For example, let’s say you’re an American company with a domestic shipping policy and an international shipping policy. You’ll only need the customer to answer one question (”Are you inside or outside the US?”) to give them the relevant policy.

  • For other Flows, you’ll need more paths. Take product recommendations, for example. You’ll want to ask more questions and collect more input from the customer to provide a helpful recommendation. You can build Flows to have as many interactions as needed.

You can build Flows from scratch or use our library of templates to get started with one of the most common scenarios.

Get started with Flows

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