Gorgias Updates

Facebook Mentions support

by Walter Galante
We’ve just released an exciting new feature to our existing Facebook integration! You can now receive and respond to Facebook Mentions from within Gorgias. Once activated, every time a User or a Page will mention you on a Facebook post or

Create a ticket starting with an outbound call

by Samy Laumonier
Need to call your warehouse or brick-and-mortar store? We hear you! We’ve just made some huge improvements to our phone integration. Now, you simply can type in a number and initiate an outbound call directly from a ticket. You can call any

Rules are getting a makeover!

by Mathias Ngo
If you edited a lot of rules before, you’re going to love this, and if not, it’s time to get started! 🤖 We are giving the rules a makeover, making them easier to edit and browse. Each rule has now its own dedicated edit page, just use them

Outbound phone calls improvements

by Samy Laumonier
You asked and we listened! You can now start an outbound call with a customer by clicking the phone number in their profile. How does it work? To initiate an outbound call, visit an existing ticket or customer profile for a customer with a

Record calls with our native phone integration

by Luci Furtun
New feature
We have just released call recordings for Gorgias' native phone integration. Now you can record, review, and download calls that you make in the helpdesk to ensure the quality of your voice support and level up your team. Recording phone

Automation Statistics

by Romain Charbit
New feature
🤖 Automate all the things 🤖 You can now track your automation rate on the new Automation Statistics page! With these statistics, you can see at a glance how well your rules help you automate your customer interactions. You can see which

Editing Shopify shipping address in Gorgias tickets

by Maxime Landry
New feature
Here at Gorgias, we intent on making sure every interaction with a customer can be resolved directly from the ticket. In support of this mission, we just added a new feature which allows you to edit Shopify shipping addresses directly from

Total tickets created per tag and per channel links

by Paweł Maciejewski
We recently introduced Total tickets closed per agents links, today we are releasing a similar improvement that will help you to get the list of tickets created by a tag and channel. You can find them in the Tags and Channels statistics

Instagram Messaging is Now Available (With No Follower Requirements)

by Zach Banov
We are happy to announce that Instagram has lifted their follower requirements for access to Instagram Messages! Now, any non-legacy Gorgias account, regardless of follower count, can integrate Instagram Messaging into their helpdesk. For