Gorgias Updates

Display when a Chat customer was last seen

by Teodor Zait
We’ve released a new feature to display when customers were last seen in the chat! 💬🎉 It is now possible to see the last seen availability timestamp of your customer, while chatting inside of the ticket detail. The last seen on chat field
New feature

Sync Gorgias events and customers into Klaviyo

by Mehdi Ben Hamida, Software engineeer
New feature
We’ve just released a new and improved integration with Klaviyo, allowing you to segment customers, and send targeted outbound messaging campaigns based on Gorgias events as well as include Gorgias events in your Klaviyo analytics

The Self-service Chat Portal is Live!

by Philippe Diep, Software Engineer
The self-service portal is now available for all users with a Shopify store. The self-service portal allows your customers to check out their orders statuses, tracking numbers and shipping information without needing to connect with an
New feature

Search for tickets on the mobile app

by Nikola Mijović, Senior Frontend Developer
New feature
Hey guys, we’ve added a new search bar to our mobile app! 🕵️ 🔦 (on AppStore and PlayStore) You can now search for tickets in the mobile app in the same way you can on the web app by entering a search term (customer name, ticket title,

Rich text and hyperlinks support in chat

by Gleb Billig, Software Engineer
New feature
We have added the ability for agents to send messages with rich text formatting and embedded hyperlinks when replying to a chat ticket in Gorgias! That also means chat campaigns of course👌 Now when viewing a chat ticket, you will see

Rule conditions user interface improved

by Clément Sirieix
We have improved the current flow for setting up conditions inside your rules with a refreshed & much simpler user interface 💻 Before, we known it could feel tedious & complex to set-up conditions hindering you to fully leverage your

Snooze actions in macros and rules

by Mathias Ngo
We’ve added snoozing tickets to the available list of actions in rules and macros. This new feature allows to automatically snooze tickets by setting rules and macros, just as you did any other action. Check-out the behavior for rules👇 And

Filter improvements on statistics pages

by Xuan-Thi Nguyen, Front-end developer
We fine-tuned the statistics pages by adding an option to toggle all displayed items in your filters in one click 🎉, and by enabling team selection on top of your agents. This is the first step to ease navigation through our built-in

New channel: Instagram Mentions

by Ionut Zamfir
New feature
We’ve added a new channel to our Facebook integrations! You can now get your Instagram page mentions in Gorgias. To activate this feature, simply go back to the settings page of your integration and check the box Enable Instagram mentions.