Gorgias Updates

Agent Availability Status in the User's Page

by Denisa Dumitru, Frontend Developer, Channels
We are excited to announce that you can now see a real-time view of agent availability from within the user’s setting page. This feature will help provide a real-time view of your team and their availability, which will help teams

Custom subject lines for the Contact Form

by Nicușor Chiciuc, Software Engineer
We have some good news to share 🎉 You can now customize the subject lines in the Contact Form on the Help Center. This way, you can tailor the subject lines to accurately reflect the topic or issue the user is reaching out about. You

Cleaner order management buttons in the Gorgias chat homepage

by Cyprien Pannier, Senior Software Engineer
Hi there 👋, We have another automation add-on improvement to share! The order management flows currently take a lot of place in the chat widget. Additionally, the 4 possible flows: track / return / cancel order and report an issue

In-ticket suggestions

by Romain Charbit
Our Gorgias automation features are getting smarter and are now coming to you when the context is right 🎉 Have you ever wondered “How this rule works?” or “What is this autoresponder doing?” For tickets where an autoresponder would’ve
New feature

Chat appearance enhancement for readability

by George Chetreanu, Engineering Manager
New feature
The chat will now automatically adjust the color of the text and icons to ensure proper contrast with the Main and Conversation colors specified in the appearance settings. This feature will help improve the readability and accessibility of

We've redesigned our rule settings and templates!

by Mathias Ngo
We’ve freshened up our rule settings page, added some new features and improved navigation 🎉 These are our highlights 👇 Rule search is here! We’ve added rule search on the top right corner of your screen. This will be handy if you

Loop Returns x Order management flows

by Jan Szybowski, Software Engineer
Hi 👋 we are excited to announce the integration between Loop Returns and Order Management flows. This integration allows for a seamless shopper return experiences, while also reducing the load on your agents. If you are an Automation
New feature

Automatic offline mode in the chat

by Roman Fayzullin
Hello 👋 Several months ago we introduced offline mode in the chat, which allowed you to disable live conversations manually via settings. You could use this feature temporarily or permanently to set the right expectations to shoppers when
New feature

Help Center design improvements

by Irinel Neculita
👋 Hey everyone! While it is important to release new features, it is also top-of-mind for us to improve your current experience using help center. So we made a series of design improvements, and we’d like to highlight a few: You may have