Gorgias Updates

Rules: BigCommerce filters

by Iustina Dumitru
We are happy to announce that we introduced BigCommerce filters in Rules. 🎉 From now on, you can automate your most common tasks using Gorgias even better. Use the BigCommerce data as filter for Rules, for example to send an auto-reply
New feature

Contact Us page in your help center

by Irinel Neculita
👋 Hey everyone! We are happy to announce that your help center will now have a dedicated Contact Form page accessible via the Contact Us card at the bottom of the home page. Visitors of the help center will be redirected to this contact
New feature

Redesign of the mandatory email capture in the chat

by Roman Fayzullin
If you use the “Always Required” email capture setting in the chat - we’ve prepared a very nice update for you! We redesigned the experience for shoppers, providing a more conversational entry point for shoppers to leave their email and

✨ Standalone self-service portal!

by Matthieu Bresson
We are pleased to introduce a standalone version of our help centers with the self-service flows! With this self-service standalone portal, automation add-on subscribers can publish self-service order management flows without a chat
New feature

Updated self-service statistics page

by Marwan Sentenac
We have updated the self-service statistics page to better visualize self-service volume by flow type, and interactions fully automated by self-service or served by an agent after self-service. You can now find self-service volume per flow

New Macro actions: CC/BCC recipients and Internal Notes

by Dombi Botond
🙌 Add CC/BCC recipients You are now able to set recipients as CC or BCC on a macro response in the Response Text field of your macro editor! Note: If you set a CC/BCC recipient on a macro and the original message channel is not email (i.e.
New feature

When relevant, we're defaulting the message editor to macro search!

by Ricardo de Arruda, Software Engineer
Macro search will be displayed by default on tickets that can benefit from a macro, skipping that extra step of clicking on the ⚡️ icon. As soon as the change happens, agents will be shown a notification popup and will be able to either

Macros: Review, edit and apply actions before the message is sent

by Romain Charbit, Software Engineer
You can now review and edit macro actions before applying them! Previously, upon selection of a macro from the macro list, some actions were applied immediately (e.g. adding a tag, assigning an agent, closing the ticket…) while some were

We're pre-selecting macros for faster response time!

by Ricardo de Arruda
Macros will be automatically selected and pre-filled in your response when our artificial intelligence system identifies that it’s relevant to the question with more than 80% certainty⚡️ This feature is automatically enabled for all users.
New feature