Gorgias Updates

SPF & DKIM Support

by Luci Furtun
New feature
If you’ve set up your email via forwarding, you may have heard customers complain that emails are ending up in the spam folder or not being sent at all. To ensure your emails always make it to the customer and stay out of the spam fold,

Import Instagram DM History

by Mehdi Dellagi
New feature
Tired of jumping back onto the Instagram app to see previous conversations that occured Instagram direct messages? You will now have the full context for any Instagram direct message ticket, thanks to the automatic import of the customer’s

New login methods in the Self-service Portal

by Gleb Billig, Software Engineer
New feature
Shoppers can now log into the Self-service Portal by sending a verification code to their email address or phone number!🔐✨ Instead of digging through their inbox for their order number, shoppers can now simply enter their email address or

Macros suggestions in your reply editor

by Mathias Ngo
New feature
Macro suggestions are coming to your reply editor 🔥 Our own machine learning powered recommendation engine finds the top 3 macros suited for the ticket to help you save and respond in one click! Here’s a quick video of how to use them 👇

Delay actions in rules based on customer activity

by Victor Suo
New feature
You’ve asked for it. We built it. 🔥 You can now delay rule actions on a ticket with a new trigger condition: when a ticket gets unsnoozed. The new rule trigger is called ticket snooze delay ends. Here’s how you can use it to delay actions:

Improvements to rules

by Romain Charbit & Victor Suo
We’re making some quality of life improvements to rules! 💖 does not contain one of rule filter label will be renamed does not contain all of to reflect better what the filters is actually doing: triggering only if any of the listed

Update in ReCharge widget links

by Maxime Landry
Until today, ReCharge links were not working at all due to some limitations with ReCharge app inside Shopify. That’s no longer the case! ✨ We updated the Customer, Subscription and Order links in the ReCharge widget. You might need to

New "Add Internal Note" action for rules

by Romain Charbit, Software Engineer
New feature
We added a new action to rules: Add Internal Note. This action lets you add an internal note automatically to a ticket in reaction to an event. This way you can, for example, improve your assignment workflow by automatically and

View sections on the mobile app

by Nikola Mijović, Senior Software Engineer
We’ve implemented view sections in our mobile app! ✅ You will now be able to see the same view organisation that you have set up in the web app with the ability to scroll the navigation bar and collapse sections. Until now, accessing views
New feature