Gorgias Updates

Date picker dropdown redesign

by Xuan-Thi Nguyen
We refreshed the look of our date pickers with new calendar designs! 👩‍🎨 This is one of the first steps towards providing you a neater interface throughout the help desk. Date pickers are used in the Snooze ticket feature and the

Filter all statistics reports by integrations

by Jean Jacobi
👋 We recently added a new feature: you can now filter all statistics reports using one or more of your integrations. 🎉📱 This should help you to get more insights on how your support tickets are handled per integration, as an example, it

Customer timeline redesign

by Nikola Mijović, Senior Software Engineer
We’ve revamped the customer timeline design! 🎨 🖌 It is now way sleeker and more readable! Don’t worry this is only the beginning, our next step is to add integration events in the timeline. Stay tuned! The mobile user interface for this

Receive & respond to Instagram Direct Messages

by Mehdi Dellagi
New feature
It’s finally here! We’ve just launched our integration to receive and respond to Instagram Direct Messages from within Gorgias. Our integration offers the following capabilities… 1. Receive and respond to Instagram direct messages in

Improved sentiment detection model with a new sentiment "promoter"

by Charles Jacquet, ML engineer
We have released a new sentiment detection model with improved performance as well as a new sentiment, promoter!

Mark tickets as unread (and read)

by Julián Pérez
New feature
If you are avid email users as we are, you know how useful is to have the ability to select one or multiple emails are mark them as unread (or read, for that matter). It helps you visit later a message you have to address but don’t have the

Adding returns and cancellations to our chat Self-service flows

by Gleb Billig, Software Engineer
New feature
What's new? We are adding two new features to the Self-service Portal! 🎉 Request returns or cancellations for orders! This means that customers who log into the Self-service portal inside the Gorgias chat will now see two new actions for

Yotpo integration

by Walter Danilo Galante, Software Engineer
New feature
Excelling in customer support is all about context. The more information you have at hand, the better you can serve your customers. That’s why we at Gorgias are laser-focused on helping leveraging your entire Ecommerce stack. To support

Send feedback on detected message intents

by Mathias Ngo
New feature
If you’re a user of our intent detection system, this might interest you (here’s a quick refresher🧐 on what intents are and how they might help you)! We want to make our intent detection algorithm even better, and we need your feedback to