Gorgias Updates

We're pre-selecting macros for faster response time!

by Ricardo de Arruda
Macros will be automatically selected and pre-filled in your response when our artificial intelligence system identifies that it’s relevant to the question with more than 80% certainty⚡️ This feature is automatically enabled for all users.
New feature

BigCommerce native integration

by Alexandru Daineanu
New feature
🎉🎉🎉 We’re happy to announce the launch of our native BigCommerce integration. 🎉🎉🎉 Native integration - BigCommerce We are excited to announce that our native BigCommerce integration is finally here. Connecting your BigCommerce

One-click set up of Google Analytics in your help center

by Philippe Diep, Software Engineer
New feature
Hey everyone 👋 We’ve built a simple integration with Google Analytics to deliver tracking of your help center views & clicks. You can use your own Google Universal Analytics ID or Google Analytics 4 ID directly within your help center

Change in the display logic for chat & messaging tickets when auto-assignment is enabled

by Charles Jacquet
To simplify Gorgias and make its behavior more predictable, we have changed the behavior of chat & messaging channels tickets. The way the chat & messaging section now works is the following: Note: Here “tickets” refer to “chat & messaging

Improved email contact search

by Illia Petrov
We have worked hard to make the email contact search faster and easier to use⚡️ It is now 3x faster, and you can search contacts using their name as well as with their email address! We hope this will help you in your daily use of Gorgias.

Greeting Message and Routing Improvements - No length limitations, more consistent message and ringing behaviors

by Teodor Zait
In the past, we have heard some customers reporting inconsistent greeting message behaviors and frustration with the greeting message length requirements. We are happy to announce that we are releasing a much-needed flow change to our

Intent editing is back! 🏷

by Radu Simionescu, Machine Learning Manager
The ability to adjust the detected intent on incoming messages is back, but it will only affect the results shown in your own intent statistics page and will no longer influence the intent detection system.

Set ringing behavior from voice settings pages

by Mehdi Dellagi
We’ve heard setting a phone to ring a team at the same time or ring those agents one-by-one can be quite tricky for first-time and even experienced Gorgias users. To help make using our phone simple, you can now set ringing right from your

Gmail conversation grouping

by Giuseppe Lumia, Software Engineer
New feature
Smarter ticket grouping for Gmail integrations! We just released a new feature for Gmail integrations, which makes sure Gmail messages are grouped to tickets using Gmail’s grouping logic. What does this mean? According to the Gmail