Macro search will be displayed by default on tickets that can benefit from a macro, skipping that extra step of clicking on the ⚡️ icon.

As soon as the change happens, agents will be shown a notification popup and will be able to either Revert or Keep the change.

The "Display macros by default on emails" settings will be automatically enabled for agents that have 20 or more macros available on their account.

You can easily decide to enable/disable it on your personal preferences. Here’s how to do so:

  1. Click on your user name on the bottom left of the panel.

  2. Click on “Your profile”.

  1. Under "Account Preferences”, enable/disable as you see fit.

Macro usage is positively correlated with shorter response time and higher support performance, making macro the top #1 automation feature used by our merchants.

Specifically, Macro Search allows agents to be as efficient as possible in finding the right macro at the right time for the ticket at hand, decreasing response times.