We are thrilled to announce a significant enhancement to our Voice integration, aimed at improving your overall experience and simplifying call routing preferences. Effective January 18, 2024, we are moving away from using rules for call routing and transitioning to a more streamlined approach by managing settings directly within the Voice integration.

What's New?

Previously, each Voice integration automatically created routing rules associated with a specific team. Now, instead of relying on rules, we are introducing a user-friendly dropdown menu within the Voice integration settings. This dropdown menu allows you to easily select the designated team for call routing, making setup and future adjustments more straightforward.

Action Needed:

  1. Check the dropdown menu in your Voice integration settings to ensure it corresponds to your designated call-answering team.

  2. Verify settings across multiple Voice integrations if applicable.

  3. Delete routing rules after January 18, 2024.

Consequences of Inaction:

Failure to verify Voice integration settings may result in calls not being routed to the appropriate team after January 18.

Why the Change?

  1. Simplifies routing and ringing preferences on a single page.

  2. Enhances efficiency within Voice integrations.

  3. Provides more available rule slots for increased flexibility.

We are implementing these improvements to ensure a smoother setup process and efficient management of call routing preferences. Please take the necessary steps to ensure a seamless transition by January 18, 2024. For additional information, please refer to our documentation.