Support of subcategories in our help centers

When having hundreds of articles in your help center, structuring your help center with multiple levels of categories could help your visitors to find their answers in seconds. Today, we are releasing the support of this feature!

How to create a subcategory

You have 2 ways of creating a category inside an existing one. You can:

  • Click on Create a category then choose a Parent category

  • Click on the category row quick actions to directly open a form to create a nested category

Move an existing category

In order to move a category, click on the Category settings quick action to access the form where you can choose a new Parent for your category.

You can also click on Clear selection if you want your category to be at the root level.

New help center layouts

We also revamped our help center layouts to make it easier for the visitor to browse our help centers’ articles.


  • we allow up to 4 levels of categories

  • if you’ve used our Custom HTML feature, you might have to adjust some of your custom scripts to be compatible with the new page’s design