We are happy to announce improvements of quick response flows inside self-service portal in the Gorgias chat

💬 Note that this feature is only available to Automation Add-on subscribers only. For more information about how you can use the add-on to automate 5% of your customer requests, don’t hesitate to reach out!

As you might now, around two months ago we introduced a possibility to add buttons with custom labels in the self service portal (see blog post). With subsequent actions, we are going to simplify the configuration of automatic response and, what’s more important, quick answers flows won’t create a new ticket in the help desk right after button click.

How does it work

If you go to self service configuration of your store and edit some quick response flow, you’ll be redirected to a new view:

Here you can define a button label and automatic response which would be sent after clicking on it. So you don’t need to configure a custom rule for that anymore, everything is configured on a single page.

Now let’s take a look on it from the shopper side. If you click on some button in “Quick answers” section, it won’t send a message to the chat right away. Instead chat would show an automated answer which was configured in the helpdesk previously and “Was it helpful?” question.

If user clicks yes - chat would show “Happy to help, have a great day” message and that’s it. No new ticket in the helpdesk would be created, because everything was handled by self service

If user clicks “No, I need more help”, a new ticket in the helpdesk will be created with the history of interaction, so agent can jump in to a conversation and help the customer.