Say hello to Gorgias Multi-language Chat ⭐

Hello, Hola, Olá World 🌐

Exciting News! We're super excited to introduce the Gorgias Multi-language Chat that lets you add multiple languages to your Chat.

💡 So, What is Gorgias Multi-language Chat?

It's a game-changer for your Chat – break free from language barriers. With Gorgias Multi-language Chat, you can now effortlessly support different languages within a single Chat—no more hassle of managing multiple Chats. We'll automatically detect your visitors' browser default language and adapt to it. This means your campaigns and flows will be in your shopper’s preferred language.

Plus, we're delighted to introduce even more languages, including English UK, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, and Finnish, in both Chat and Help Center. As our customer base expands worldwide, offering multilingual support will not only make interactions smoother but also help you build a stronger presence in diverse communities.

💡 Why you should start using?

  • Build Loyalty: Shoppers are more loyal when they get support in their native language.

  • Broaden Your Reach: Offering more languages makes your services more accessible and widens your customer base.

  • Improve Retention: By addressing language barriers, you increase the likelihood of long-term customer retention.

  • Enhance Reputation: Show your commitment to diversity and inclusivity, building a positive reputation within global communities.

  • Campaign Personalization: You can now configure campaigns and flows in your customers' preferred languages, delivering more effective and targeted marketing messages

🌐 What languages does Chat currently support?

Certainly! Gorgias Chat now supports a wide array of languages, ensuring you can engage with your customers effectively, no matter where they are. The supported languages include English (US), French (FR), French (Canada), Spanish, Danish, Swedish, Italian, Dutch, German, Norwegian, Czech, Brazilian Portuguese, English UK, Japanese, and Finnish.

This diverse range of languages provides you with the tools to create more personalized and accessible interactions with your customers, regardless of their language preferences.

🚨 When will these changes become available?

We'll be introducing these exciting changes gradually to all accounts in the upcoming weeks, enabling us to gather valuable feedback. Once the Multi-Language Chat becomes available on your account, you'll notice a banner within Gorgias notifying you that you can start using it.

🙌 How to get started

  1. Go to chat Settings > Chat > Language.

  2. Add the languages you need.

  3. Click Customize to tailor your chat copy, title, and launcher label.

  4. For campaigns, assign them to specific languages.

  5. For the Automation add-on, ensure your flows have translations for all your Chat languages.

  6. Need more? Use ticket language in Views and Rules.

💡 Do I need to do anything?

No need to worry – our fantastic product team is on it! But you'll definitely want to explore all the ins and outs of how multi-language support works in our Help docs. Learn more by clicking here. 😄

Ready to embrace the world? We are! 🌍💬
One Chat. Multiple Languages.