If you've tried saving an incomplete Flow, you may have noticed it wasn’t possible since all the steps have to be completed for the Flow to be valid. Well, not anymore! You can now save your work in progress as drafts.

Saving flows as drafts allows you to preserve your work without having to complete all the steps or leave the Flow builder.

From now on, when creating a flow, you’ll have two options:

1. Click on the “Save” button, which will mark your flow as a draft. A draft flow won’t be visible to your customers. This gives you the opportunity to continuously work on your Flow without the need to complete all the steps. A Flow marked as a draft will have a ‘draft’ badge and a “Last saved” indicator:

2. A flow marked as draft will also be visible on the flows list page, indicated by a “Draft” badge:

Have you finished working and tweaking your flow with all the relevant steps? Simply click on “Publish”. After publishing, you’ll be able to make the Flow available to your customers on the ‘Channels’ page 🎉🤩

Note that once published, you’ll no longer be able to save your Flow as a draft