We’re bringing some exciting improvements to the experience your customers have when selecting orders during a Flow!

Improvement: redesigned experience for “order selection” step in Flows

We’ve revamped the previous button-based experience when your customers are selecting one of their orders as part of a Flow. We’ve added more elements like order status and product images for a context-rich and better-looking experience.

New: ask customers to select items within an order

Previously, you could ask your customers to select an order, but it wasn’t possible to ask them to select specific items within that order. We’ve now made this extra level of granularity available for more efficient cases like return/warranty requests, reporting issues with a specific product, and more!

To start using, simply add an “item selection” step in your Flow builder:

Here’s how this step looks like from your customer’s perspective:

We hope you’re as excited about these improvements as we are. Happy automating! ⚡