Phone number management settings page

Create, manage, delete, and view all of your phone numbers in a single place with the new Phone numbers settings page

We just released the new Gorgias Phone numbers settings page to make it simple to keep track and manage your phone numbers in Gorgias.

With this new setting page, we’ve separated phone numbers from other integrations, which will let you easily add and remove integrations from phone numbers at will. This will let you easily add or remove IVR capabilities from the phone numbers you own and add new integrations like SMS, Whatsapp as they come available.

If you already have an existing active Gorgias phone number, don’t worry, you don’t need to make any changes to your existing phone numbers.

Creating a new phone number in Gorgias

  1. To create a new phone number, go to the new Phone numbers settings page and click the Add Phone Number button

  2. Select the name, country, type, etc. for the phone number you’d like to create and click the Add Phone Number button

  3. Congrats! You’ve just created a new phone number in Gorgias

Creating a new voice integration

Once you have created a phone number, you can add a voice integration in the phone number’s settings page or via the integrations page.

  1. From the phone number’s settings page, you can click Add integration

  2. This will take you to the new Voice integration page and automatically prefill the phone number in the Voice integration creation flow. This can also be done manually at Integrations → Phone → Create Phone Number.

  1. Once you click the Add Voice Integration, your voice integration will be created and you will be taken to the settings page to get started setting up your new Gorgias phone!