🥳 Our WhatsApp Integration is Live!

🎊 We are excited to announce that we have launched our new WhatsApp integration for all customers!

You can now integrate WhatsApp in Gorgias using Gorgias-hosted or non-Gorgias phone numbers. With this new feature you can already:

  • Send and receive texts, audio clips, videos, and PDFs

  • Answer to user-initiated messages (inbound messages)

  • Match a customer's WhatsApp number with their Shopify profile

    • Note: You can use the same or different numbers for Voice, SMS, and WhatsApp

  • See delivered and read receipts in your ticket thread

Note that the current feature has some important limitations to mention:

  1. WhatsApp does not allow users to use the same number for multiple WhatsApp accounts.

    • If you are using a number on the WhatsApp desktop or mobile app, then you must delete the account to use that number from the Gorgias WhatsApp integration.

    • At the moment, we cannot migrate phone numbers hosted in another WhatsApp third-party integration (ex. Zendesk’s WhatsApp integration, 360Dialog WhatsApp integration, Twilio WhatsApp integration) but are building a migration process to allow you to use those numbers for the Gorgias WhatsApp integration (more information to come)

  2. We do not yet offer message templates, which are used to start outbound conversations and reinitiate conversations: but don’t worry we are working as fast as we can to launch this feature. We are targeting to have the feature available within the next 3-months.

📚 You can find more information, including installation instructions, features and limitations, and other FAQs in our WhatsApp helpdocs article.