Our “Send tracking information email” rule from our Rule Library is now more powerful and provides about 28% more coverage about shipping information!

Previously, this rule was providing the order tracking link from the carrier fulfilling the order (e.g. FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc.).

Now, the tracking link redirects to our Gorgias standalone portal, which has approximately 28% more coverage of shipping data. This results in a more comprehensive, smoother, Gorgias-powered order tracking experience ⚡

This is what our tracking portal looks like:

Shoppers require no log-in or order number. Gorgias automatically extracts this information using the shopper’s email.

On your end, there is no set up needed. Completely plug and play!

💬 Note that this feature is only available to Automation Add-on subscribers only. For more information about how you can use the add-on to automate 20% of your customer requests, don’t hesitate to reach out!