Here comes a new managed rule!

For those of you who missed it, managed rules are more accessible rules, tailored to address recurrent customer issues. These rules are managed (hence the name!) by Gorgias so you can install them with a single click and easily tweak them to your needs. After the Auto-Close Non-support related emails, we are now addressing a kind of ticket I’m sure most of you have faced…

“Where is my order?”

This new rule leverages AI to detect automatically if incoming emails from shoppers are related to tracking or where is my order requests. When such a message is detected, the rule sends an automated message providing shoppers with the tracking link for their last three orders across all of your stores and close the ticket until the shopper request more information.

Head to the rule library, install it and never worry about this kind of tickets!

💬 Note that this feature is only available to Automation Add-on subscribers only. For more information about how you can use the add-on to automate 20% of your customer requests, don’t hesitate to reach out!