You can now add a Forward Email action on macros, which forwards the entire thread including current response to other recipients.

To do so, head over to the macro editor and select the Forward Email icon, the same way you’d do it in the ticket message editor.

Upon selection of a macro with a Forward Email action, you will be able to review it every time before it’s sent on our “Actions performed on send” list below the text composer (you can learn more about Actions Performed on Send here).

Important note: If an email is forwarded to another recipient, then a separate message is sent to your customer, the forwarded email will be included in your customer’s email thread (after clicking on the […] thread icon).

This is due to an existing limitation in which our responses default to the latest thread (unlike an email, for example, where you can choose which thread to reply to). To clarify, this happens regardless of whether the email has been manually forwarded, or via a macro action.

The ability to choose which thread to reply to is under consideration for our 2023 improvements.