New login methods in the Self-service Portal

Shoppers can now log into the Self-service Portal by sending a verification code to their email address or phone number! 🔐✨

Instead of digging through their inbox for their order number, shoppers can now simply enter their email address or phone number and send a one-time password to their devices. Once they enter the 6-digit code that they’ve received via email or SMS, they will be logged into the Self-service Portal. From there, shoppers can view their orders and trigger self-serve flows such as track an order, request returns & cancellations, or report an issue.

The option to log in using their email and order number is still available if they are unable to log in using the one-time password.

⚙️ Please note that we will be progressively releasing this feature over the next couple of days, so do not worry if you don’t see this new login method right away.