New interval options for sending your Satisfaction Survey

Recently, many of you asked for new interval options for sending satisfaction surveys and we heard you 🎉

In addition to previous options, you can now schedule surveys to be sent after:

  • 5 minutes ⏱️

  • 30 minutes ⏱️

  • 1 hour ⏱️

  • 4 hours ⏱️

  • 6 hours ⏱️

  • 8 hours ⏱️

Friendly reminder, satisfaction surveys will only be sent for closed tickets featuring:

  • one message from a customer and an answer from an agent

  • a conversation (all messages combined) longer than 250 chars

  • a reply from an agent, at the moment when the ticket gets closed, posted less than a week ago

Please let us know what you think about this update and what we could improve at [email protected] or directly via our live chat available on your helpdesk!