New integration: + many small bug fixes and improvements

You may have heard about our new integration here as one of the latest new releases. At Gorgias we’re trying to get to you as many features as we can, but we also have to do some less exciting maintenance and bug fixing as part of the natural cycle of software development.

These past 2 months we’ve been focusing on precisely that: bug fixes for all our integrations and delivery/incoming messages and Rules. These may not be the most visible of achievements, but we’ve spent a significant amount of effort in making sure you never lose a customer message. We’ve added extra tests, checks, and alerts to achieve this. We are hopeful that with these changes, you’ll never miss a message again.

Bug fixes aside, there are a few small, but notable improvements to Views and Rules:

  • Rules: message body operators are now case-insensitive - meaning that you don’t have to write Refund and refund anymore as keywords.
  • Also in Rules: we’re now using only the top part of the email message - not the whole email contents as we did before. This means that the keywords you set up in your Rules should no longer match with previous email threads (like agent replies).
  • Views: we now have a new filter for Tags, Integrations, and Channels. The new is one of filter allows you to filter by multiple items at a time, similar to what we had in Rules for quite some time.

Also now when you update the chat settings, previously we had a 5 minute timeout before changes were taken into effect on your website. Now the changes to the chat are almost instantaneously reflected on your website.