With our new autoresponder feature, you can Automatically reply to common customer questions with relevant help center article suggestions. automate emails about a return request if you have an existing return portal provider (e.g. Loop, Happy Returns, Returnly, etc.) 💪

Our AI detects if an email relates to a return request, auto-replies with the link to your return portal in the form of a button, and auto-closes the ticket. If your customers reply to the automated message, the ticket will reopen so you never miss a response.

In order to install, select the Autoresponder from our Rule Templates (Settings > Rules > Create rule).

You can choose to create a new view Sent return portal to see tickets in which the autoresponder triggered, and install.

After Installing you will be redirected to the Rule settings where you can add the Return portal URL for your store.

Note: If you have enabled the Loop Returns integration in self-service, you can also add a link to the Order Management page of your help center: https://[domain].gorgias.help/en-US/ssp/orders

Customize the messages above and below the return portal link as you like.

And see a preview of the email that’ll go out to your customers.

Happy automating! ⚡

💬 Note that this feature is only available to Automation Add-on subscribers. For more information about how you can use the add-on to automate 20% of your customer requests, don’t hesitate to reach out!