At Gorgias, we strive to make the agent experience as fast and intuitive as possible. We’ve heard your feedback that providing a quick way to navigate from ticket-to-ticket is a crucial part of a great support experience. Today, we are introducing Navigation Arrows that make it easier than ever to go from ticket-to-ticket. To go to the next or previous ticket within a View, simply click on the corresponding arrow in the top right of ticket header. See it in action in the GIF below.

How It Works

  1. Look for the Arrows: Located in the top right corner of the ticket header, look for the new ⬅️ and ➡️ arrows when viewing a ticket.

    • Note: When you visit a ticket via a direct URL, the Navigation Arrows will not appear since you are not in a View.

  2. Click and Go: Click on the arrows to instantly navigate to the previous or next ticket in your View.

    • Note: When you reach the last ticket in view, clicking the next arrow will take you back to the list of tickets in that View.

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