Mark tickets as unread (and read)

If you are avid email users as we are, you know how useful is to have the ability to select one or multiple emails are mark them as unread (or read, for that matter). It helps you visit later a message you have to address but don’t have the time to right now. Or it helps you ignore a message you don’t care but can’t afford to delete/archive for some reason.

Today we are bringing this functionality into Gorgias! 🎉 📧

By default, every ticket in the helpdesk is considered as unread. With this new addition you can toggle this status and set it to Unread (when viewing the details of a ticket, or when viewing multiple tickets) or back to Read (only when viewing tickets inside a view).

Marking a single ticket as unread

Go to the ticket details page (depicted above) and find the Mark as unread action in the 3-dot ticket action dropdown (right side to the ticket title and next to the Snooze button). Once you click it, a success message will confirm that the ticket has been marked as unread and the option will disappear from the dropdown.

Marking multiple tickets as read or unread

Inside a view, select at least one ticket (or select them all) to enable the action under the More dropdown. If all selected tickets have the same status, the button to toggle it to the opposite status will be enabled. If the selection includes both read and unread tickets, both buttons will be displayed.

It’s worth mentioning that this bulk action can be performed via keyboard shortcuts similar to what Gmail does:

  • shift + i: mark selected tickets as read

  • shift + u: mark selected tickets as unread

For now, this is only be available in the web app.