You can now review and edit macro actions before applying them!

Previously, upon selection of a macro from the macro list, some actions were applied immediately (e.g. adding a tag, assigning an agent, closing the ticket…) while some were triggered after you sent the message (e.g. Macro text, HTTP webhooks, Shopify or Recharge actions).

This behaviour is evolving to enable finer control over your actions. When selecting a macro, no actions will be performed immediately. Instead, you will see a list of all macro actions in the section underneath the reply area.

This will allow you to review macro actions before they’re triggered, giving you a greater understanding of what will happen to the ticket once you send the message. Moreover, it will enable you to edit all those actions, like adding new tags, changing the assignee, or even removing an action from being applied.

After the message has been sent, all macro actions applied will be listed under the message, giving you more information on what happened.

As a bonus, you will now be able to apply macros without sending a message. Macros with external actions previously required a message to be applied. This is no longer the case, and you will be offered the possibility to apply macros directly.