Sync Gorgias events and customers into Klaviyo

We’ve just released a new and improved integration with Klaviyo, allowing you to segment customers, and send targeted outbound messaging campaigns based on Gorgias events as well as include Gorgias events in your Klaviyo analytics dashboards.

This new integration lets you choose any or all of the following events to send into Klaviyo:

  • Ticket created

  • Ticket closed

  • Satisfaction survey sent

  • Satisfaction survey responded

Using these events, you can target campaigns based on customer support interactions, including…

  • Promoting sales or new products to customers who had positive support experiences to drive upsell and revenue generation from support

  • Excluding customers with open support tickets from promotional messaging campaigns

  • Sending target coupons or discounts to win back customers who reported poor support experiences

You can also automatically add Gorgias customers to the Klaviyo list of your choosing whenever a ticket is created.

To add this integration, go into Gorgias’ integration page and click the Klaviyo integration tile (/app/settings/integrations/klaviyo).

Once you’ve had a chance to check it out, let us know you what think at [email protected] or directly via our live chat available on your helpdesk!