It's here! The Tickets Panel is now live💫

We've been enthusiastically working behind the scenes, closely listening to your valuable feedback every step of the way because we know how important it is to manage tickets, especially when dealing with multiple customers at once. And guess what? The moment you've all been waiting for has finally arrived:

🚀 The new dedicated Tickets Panel is officially live for every one of you.

But let's set the record straight right from the start: this isn't about replacing the old ticket management experience you're accustomed to — think of it more as adding a new tool to your toolbox.

So, what's in store? Let's take a look:

Why should you use the tickets panel? Let's dive in:

👉 Effortless Navigation: Say goodbye to the hassle of bouncing between different tickets. Our dedicated Tickets Panel lets you manage everything seamlessly in one place. [1]

🔍 Customized Sorting: Prioritize with ease! You can sort tickets by last message, last received message, or creation time, giving you full control over your workflow. [2]

👀 Stay Up-to-Date: Handy red notifications let you spot unread messages at a glance, ensuring you never miss a beat in your customer conversations. [3]

And here are some key highlights to keep in mind:

  • You're in control! Enable or disable the Tickets Panel whenever you please with the toggle in the navigation panel.

  • Customize to your heart's content! Adjust the width of the panel to suit your preferences.

  • This new panel complements, not replaces, the existing table view, providing you with even more options to manage your tickets effectively.

  • You can perform bulk actions on tickets by turning off the new panel and returning to the existing view.

  • Agents now land straight in their Inbox at the Tickets workspace upon logging in, getting them started on their shift in no time.

Check out our helpful documentation to learn all about the new ticket panel!

Dive into the new Tickets Panel today and uncover a world of improved ticket management capabilities that will boost your agents' productivity and help them excel!