We are pleased to introduce a standalone version of our help centers with the self-service flows!

With this self-service standalone portal, automation add-on subscribers can publish self-service order management flows without a chat integration or creating a help center with articles. Standalone self-service portal will be set-up automatically with each new Shopify integration and accessible in the help center tab of your help desk.

Merchants can re-direct shoppers to their standalone self-service portal via a direct link (using the help center URL) to enable shoppers to manage orders by themselves and reduce support tickets.

The standalone self-service portals can be customized by adding a custom background image and contact cards in the help center settings. Later on you can also add articles in the same help center to extend the page in a full-blow help center website, but it is not required.

Lastly, from the self-service settings, you can control which self-service order management flows will be displayed on both chat and their help centers.