Introducing Custom Voicemail for Outside Business Hours!

We are excited to introduce the ability to set a custom voicemail outside business hours for Gorgias voice 🎉

Here's how it works: With this new feature, you can set up tailored voicemail messages that will greet callers when they call outside of business hours. It's a straightforward way to ensure that even during off-hours, your clients receive a warm and informative response that aligns with your brand.

Getting started:
First, you’ll need to set your business hours if you haven’t yet. Then, go to your voice integration’s settings page and select the Voicemail tab.

From this page, click the Use same voicemail outside business hours toggle under Outside Business hours, add either an MP3 voice recording or a text-to-speech voicemail and press Save changes. Now, customers calling outside of business hours will hear the new voicemail message, while customers calling within business hours will hear your existing one.

Once you’ve had a chance to try it out, let us know what you think at [email protected]!