After months of hard work, we are gradually rolling out in the next weeks a refreshed Gorgias Chat interface so shoppers can navigate & get answers more easily!

  • Improved Customer Experience: We've polished micro-interactions and refined the interface to make it easier to navigate & use. With these changes, you'll find Gorgias Chat more intuitive and user-friendly than ever before.

  • Stronger Brand Identity: We're giving more importance to your brand's Main color and Intro message. Now, your Chat interface will effortlessly reflect your brand's unique personality, further strengthening the bond with your customers.

  • Built for Mobile: With so much of today's online traffic coming from mobile, we made sure to optimize for it. The new Gorgias Chat is fully responsive and ready to deliver an exceptional experience across all screen sizes.

  • Increased Trust: A more polished interface can increase credibility & trust in your brand. This revamp aims to empower your customers with the confidence they need to engage with your business.

There is no impact on existing features, but your Chat Name, Main color and Intro message are now more visible. You can edit them from your Chat Appearance Settings.

⚠️ If you have any advanced customization related to functionality, it won't be affected. However, any advanced customization of your UI might be affected, depending on your CSS selectors and changes made. Some customization may not be applied, or be partially applied, or look off due to new colors and design.