Introducing chat offline! 💬✨

Does the support team have limited bandwidth for a couple of hours during your team’s lunch break or for a couple of days as you are all heading to a company retreat party? 🎉

We got you covered with the chat new offline mode feature!

Thanks to this, you can now disable live conversations either temporarily or permanently to set the right expectations to shoppers when you’re away. To do this, go to Settings > Integrations > Chat > Preferences and toggle on or off the “Live Chat” toggle.

All other chat functionalities such as the self-service flows, the quick responses and FAQ recommendations will all still be accessible to shoppers in offline mode. All of this, regardless of the shop business hours or agent availabilities. All offline requests submitted will come in as tickets that you can respond to by email.

We are proud to introduce this functionality as a core ally to help you always give great customer support & maintain the best experience to your shoppers wether your chat is offline or not.

👉 It's also the way to go if you want to get the automation add-on without getting live chat tickets.