As part of our commitment to providing exceptional customer experience, we’re thrilled to unveil our newest feature: Agent-to-agent call transfer! This powerful tool enhances agent efficiency and improves customer satisfaction by enabling seamless call escalations.

Seamless Call Transfers for Enhanced Support

Gone are the days of frustrated customers experiencing unresolved issues due to limited transfer options. Agents can now escalate live calls to supervisors or teammates for specialized assistance, ensuring comprehensive support without customers experiencing callbacks or delays. This enhancement fosters a more positive and satisfying experience for our valued customers.

Key Functionalities

  • Transfer Button: Integrated into the Live Call bar, allowing agents to initiate transfers directly within the helpdesk.

  • Direct Transfer to Relevant Agents: Agents can swiftly redirect calls to the most relevant team member, ensuring a smoother resolution process.

  • Hold and Mute Functionality: Shoppers are automatically put on hold and muted during transfers, with hold music playing to ensure a smooth experience.

  • Initiator Role: The initiating agent stays on the call until the next agent accepts the transfer, ensuring a seamless handover.

  • Handling Procedure: If the next agent is unavailable, the call will automatically revert to the initiating agent, ensuring no disruption for the shopper.

  • Event Integration: Call transfer events are seamlessly integrated as voice call event components within the new call UI, providing clear visibility of the transfer activities.

Ensure your shoppers receive the assistance they need without any interruptions. This feature is designed to enhance the efficiency of your support operations and improve the overall customer experience. Learn more.