We’re thrilled to announce the enhanced version of the Agents Performance report, a new Statistics report that lets you assess your agents’ productivity and efficiency in one place.

What is the Agent Performance report?

The Statistics Agents Performance report empowers Merchants to gauge their team's effectiveness in customer support. By comparing how each team member performs using detailed metrics, Team Leaders can distribute work more effectively, recognize strengths, and address weaknesses.

We have added new metrics to this report: first response time, resolution time, number of tickets replied to, and messages sent. Finally, we have introduced a team average row to help you compare each agent’s performance against the average performance of their team.

What can you use Agent Performance for?

👉 Performance:
Analyze your Agents' performance using the following metrics:

  • Customer Satisfaction (CSAT): Agents' average CSAT.

  • First Response Time (FRT): Agents' median First Response Time.

  • Resolution Time (RT): Agent’s median Resolution Time

  • Closed Tickets: Amount of tickets closed by the agent.

  • % closed tickets: The number of tickets closed by an agent against the total number of tickets closed to answer: Which agents are most productive?

  • Tickets replied: Number of tickets replied to by the agent.

  • Messages sent: Number of messages the agent sent.

  • Average row: Help you compare your individual agents’ performance against the average performance of their team.

👉 Identify patterns and trends: Using the Heatmap section, you can easily identify the most successful agents at a glance. Our Heatmap provides a quick visualization of patterns, trends, and potential areas for improvement, delivering actionable insights— from highlighting top-performing agents to pinpointing bottlenecks.

👉 Celebrate Top Performers: Give recognition to agents who achieve best results on each of the following metrics:

  • Customer satisfaction

  • First response time

  • Resolution time

  • Number of closed tickets

Why use the Agent Performance report?

👀 Enhance your team’s visibility: Gain a comprehensive overview of your agents' productivity and efficiency, simplifying the process of evaluating team performance.

💪 Boost your Agents’ motivation: Celebrate top-performing agents and cultivate a competitive environment to foster motivation, ultimately resulting in enhanced customer service satisfaction.

👩‍💻 Streamline your Performance Tracking: Efficiently set performance goals and track agent progress, ensuring better alignment of team efforts with organizational objectives.

💡 All metrics now utilize the same calculations as the Overview report, bringing about the same enhancements. This report also gains the ability to aggregate data for up to 1 year, ensuring stability and consistent data over time.

Get started with the Agent Performance report

To learn more about it, feel free to check our documentation!