Improved sentiment detection model with a new sentiment "promoter"

We have released a new sentiment detection model with improved performances as well as a new sentiment, promoter!

promoter is designed to detect extremely positive messages from your customers. Some examples of use cases that this sentiment covers are messages from customers expressing:

  • how much they love your products

  • how many compliments they received thanks to your products

  • that they are actively sharing their love for your brand among their friends.

  • that they are likely to be good promoter or advocate for your products

How to use it?

You can create a new rule to auto-tag these messages or integrate it in an existing one!

For more information about how to use the sentiment detection feature, have a look at Automate your work using Customer Sentiments.

⚠️ Upcoming changes to intents and sentiments ⚠️

Quick heads up, we will also be making some modifications to intents and sentiments in the near future to make them easier to use and understand:

  • 🗃 The sentiment need-human will be deprecated.

    By default it will be replaced by the urgent sentiment in your rules.

    If you don’t want need-human to be replaced by urgent, we recommend that you modify the rule to trigger on keywords instead.

  • ✍️ The sentiment menacing will be renamed threatening .

    threatening reflects better the meaning of this sentiment: a message containing a business threat. The threat can be a lawsuit, a complaint with BBB, leaving a bad review…

  • 🔂 The intents feedback/positive and feedback/negative will be merged into a single feedbackintent.

    They will be automatically replaced by a combination of the new feedback intent and either the positive or negative sentiment in your rules.