👋 Hey everyone!

While it is important to release new features, it is also top-of-mind for us to improve your current experience using help center. So we made a series of design improvements, and we’d like to highlight a few:

  1. You may have noticed that we have a new About tab now. If you have not set up a free help center yet, this is a great place to learn more about the benefits.

  2. Ticket header is more legible now. To see the source of a ticket, hover over the ✉️ icon.

  3. No more unsaved changes — we’ll help remind you after edits.

  4. Easier navigation through settings, some examples:

    • “Import article” function moved to Articles

    • “Shopify store” function moved to Automation

    • Installation renamed to Publish & Track

    • New “Publish” toggle in Publish & Track

    • See if you can spot more 👀

We hope you enjoy these improvements ✨

If you’d like to set up a help center, but don’t know how, watch an on-demand webinar below 👇