You can now take Gorgias calls on any physical device, including mobile phones or landlines, via call forwarding

How does it work?

  • Call forwarding works on an agent-by-agent basis. This means that each individual agent can add a specific number to forward calls to. When they are rung in the helpdesk, rather than calling them in the browser, the agent will receive the call on the number they added.

  • If the call is assigned to a team and an agent declines or misses the call on their mobile device, the call will continue to be forwarded to the next agent


  • The call will only be forwarded to a mobile device if the agent is available in Gorgias with a browser open to the helpdesk.

  • Call forwarding will only work for tickets assigned to teams when auto-assignment is set to On for phone tickets so that calls are being round-robined across the team.

Activating call forwarding

  • Go to your profile page

  • In Forward calls to an external number section, please enable the toggle Enable call forwarding and specify the desired number, then press Save preferences.

  • Now all calls for tickets where this agent is assigned are gonna be forwarded to this physical phone number. (Regardless if it was assigned manually or with auto-assignment)


What is the list of supported countries for forwarding?

At the moment, you can only forward calls to numbers with the following country codes: Australia, Canada, United States, France, Germany, India, Israel, Japan, United Kingdom.

Can I record my forwarded phone calls?

There is no functionality to start/stop phone recording on the fly when the call is forwarded, but you can enable call recordings for incoming calls in your Native Phone integration configurations by selecting the Start recording automatically settings

Can calls ring both in Gorgias UI and my phone number?

No, when the forwarding feature is enabled, all calls will be coming to the configured phone number instead of the helpdesk UI.