Featured image for Editing Shopify orders in Gorgias tickets

Here at Gorgias, our mission is to build a tool to make your support processes as streamlined and frictionless as possible.

In support of this mission, we just added a new feature allowing you to edit Shopify orders directly from the Gorgias helpdesk. Some of the edit order actions now available in Gorgias include:

  • Adding and removing line items from an order

  • Restocking items removed from an order

  • Changing the quantity of a specific line item

  • Editing discounts for an item or an order

  • Sending updated invoices to the customer to reflect the changes made

Until now, order edits, like changing the size or color of an item, would require agents to leave Gorgias and login back into Shopify to resolve the issue.

Now, every action available in Shopify’s edit feature can be initiated in Gorgias via the new Edit button in the Shopify widget.

Clicking the Edit button opens a popup similar to Create, Duplicate, and Refund actions in Gorgias, allowing you to make the changes you need without ever leaving the ticket.

Please note that like in Shopify, this action is not available for archived orders, orders placed more than 60 days ago, and orders placed in a different currency than your store’s currency.

If you have never edited an order in Shopify, please review Shopify’s edit order documentation to learn more about the potential impacts and limitations of editing orders through Shopify.

Once you’ve had a chance to try it out, please let us know what you think by chatting us via the chat icon on the bottom right of the Gorgias web app or emailing us at support@gorgias.com.