Dive into Agent's report on Voice Statistics!

Get ready for some fantastic news – we've just added another cool update to the mix! Following the buzz about our Voice Statistics report, we're thrilled to introduce the Agent’s Report on Voice Statistics. It's like taking your insights to a whole new level!

💡 Imagine having the power to dive deep into your agents' native phone stats, compare their efficiency, and identify top performers or areas for training. Well, dream no more because it's all becoming a reality!

Discover the Magic of Voice Agents Report:

  • 🎮 Total Control: Filter the dashboard by integration, tags, and agents/teams. It's like having a remote control for your calls – you decide what shows up in the stats.

  • 📊 Detailed Breakdowns: Total phone calls, received calls, accepted calls, missed inbound calls (including canceled ones), declined calls, outbound calls placed, average talk time, and average call-back time. It's your secret recipe for agent success!

Why use the Voice Agents Statistics report?

👉 Comprehensive Agent Availability: Achieve a deeper understanding of agent availability patterns, allowing for strategic scheduling and workload distribution.

👉 Efficiency Tracking: Monitor agent activities to ensure efficient workflow and identify areas for improvement.

How to get started?

Check out our comprehensive help docs, where we break down how these metrics are calculated. Click here to explore the details.

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Get ready to amplify your insights and rock your Voice support game! 🚀🌈