Featured image for Delay actions in rules based on customer activity

You’ve asked for it. We built it. 🔥

You can now delay rule actions on a ticket with a new trigger condition: when a ticket gets unsnoozed. The new rule trigger is called ticket snooze delay ends. Here’s how you can use it to delay actions:

Example use case: Let's say that you want to follow up with your customers if they do not reply within X days:

  1. First snooze the ticket you want to follow up on for X days using the snooze function.

  2. Then, set a rule to trigger when the ticket get reopened after the snooze timeframe ends:

  3. You can use this trigger to perform any action currently supported by our rule engine like sending a message, setting tags, assign agents etc.

Voilà! ⚡️ Rest assured, because of how snoozing works, this rule will safely only trigger at the end of the set delay and not if it is reopened manually or when a customer replies back.