As of today, it is possible to configure Gorgias Chat to open automatically on a given page and to pre-fill the user message with URL query parameters. The following parameters are available:

  • gs_open_chat opens the chat as soon as the page is loaded. Both ?gs_open_chat=true and ?gs_open_chat have the same effect.

  • gs_chat_page configures the chat screen that will be open by default. It is either conversation (for the conversation screen) or homepage (for the homepage screen, which is the self-service screen is you have self-service enabled, or else the conversation screen).

  • gs_chat_message pre-fills the user message. It must be URL encoded. For instance, to pre-fill with the text "I’m searching for…”, use ?gs_chat_message=I'm%20searching%20for...

All of these parameters may be combined and appear in any order, for instance can you guess what the following does?


Yes, it opens the chat directly on the conversation screen and with the message “Can you…” pre-filled.