We’ve improved the 1-click installation for Shopify feature to ensure better stability!

Using this newest version of the installation method will make sure that your chat does not disappear from your website any time you touch your Shopify theme, and ensure that you can always provide the best customer service possible.

Please make sure to follow these steps in the specified order to ensure a smooth transition. While this migration is not mandatory, we strongly encourage you to do it.

Updating Your Installation:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Apps > Shopify > Your Store.

  2. Click on "Update App Permissions" (This will open a new tab and redirect you to Shopify).

  3. In Shopify Store settings, click "Update app" in the top right.

  4. Return to Gorgias Settings > Chat > Your Chat > Installation Tab.

  5. Click on "Uninstall," followed by "Install."

❗️ If you have some Advanced Customization Scripts, please verify them and update to the new method if needed.

Not using the 1-click installation for Shopify? We recently added the ability to show or hide the chat on preferred URLs: manual installation for this is no longer needed 😊.