Chat performance improvements

Our engineers have been working hard to make significant performance improvements to the chat integration!

We’re happy to announce that we reduced the amount of data required to initialize the chat by 40%. We’ve also optimized our static assets such as fonts and sounds in order to further reduce the loading time of the chat widget. On top of this, fewer network requests are sent on page load, which will improve the Google Lighthouse score of your website. Lastly, we also put in place a better caching policy which ensures that the chat only needs to be loaded once per browsing session.

These changes have already been progressively released to all of our customers! However to fully benefit of these optimization, we’ve released an improved chat installation script. To configure it for your shop, navigate to the chat integration settings and click “Uninstall” and then “Install” if you’re using the 1-click installation, otherwise update your website source code with the new chat installation script located in the dropdown titled “Custom Installation”.

Please note however that the old chat installation script remains fully compatible with the chat integration.