We’ve made a few improvements with the chat campaigns, shopify’s edit last order shipping address action and we added a new keyboard shortcut! See the details below or check out the video.

Chat campaigns

  • When a message on the chat is initiated by a campaign it is now visible by the
    agent as well. Basically it’s easier to know what campaign triggered the initial customer message - this should help the agent have a better context of the conversation.
  • When all your agents are offline (on chat) we are no longer displaying the campaigns. This should make agent’s life easier when dealing with lots of chats creating during out-of-office hours.
  • Small bugfix for campaigns that where displayed with a timeout.

Edit last order shipping address

Now when you use the “Edit last order’s shipping address” Shopify action in macros you can also edit the customer’s name. Previously it was only possible to do this in the Shopify backend.

Internal note keyboard shortcut

For keyboard shortcut fans: you can now switch to write an internal note by typing i. Check out all the keyboard shortcuts by typing ? or shift + / on your keyboard.

Update on the satisfaction surveys: next week we’ll deploy the first version. Stay tuned and happy customer supporting.