More chat customization coming your way 🎨

We’re happy to announce a new feature to customize the Chat - you can now choose how to display your Agent’s name and avatar picture

Agent name and picture input fields

We have also revamped the upload section for the Company logo

Company logo upload field

The selected configuration, not only applies to the Chat conversations, but also to the Chat header

Widget header with avatars and chat title

and Campaigns

Widget opened with campaign


This feature not only brings more ways for you to customize the branding experience for your shoppers, but also will provide a higher sense of privacy to your agents, since their full name is not going to be disclosed anymore.

How to apply the Agent avatar customization

Go to your Chat integration and click on the Appearance Tab. Scroll down and you will find the new “Company logo” and “Agent avatar” sections, after the “Colors” section.

Location of agent avatar customization in Helpdesk UI